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Sampling on Madeira-Tore Seamounts:

Dates: 2012

Vessel: NRP Almirante Gago Countinho

Cruise: EMEPC/PEPC/Luso/2012

Sampling on Portuguese margin:

Dates: 2011

Vessel: RV Pelagia

Cruise: NIOZ 64PE332

Sampling on Portuguese canyons:

Dates: 2007

Vessel: RRS James Cook

Cruise: NOCS JC10

Sampling on Portuguese canyons:

Dates: 2006

Vessel: RRS Charles Darwin

Cruise: NOCS CD179

Sampling on Portuguese canyons:

Dates: 2005

Vessel: RRS Discovery

Cruise: NOCS D297

Large densities of Syringammina fragilissima Brady 1883 were seen on the Madeira, Seine and Unicorn Seamounts

Most common species at 2000 m in the Douro Transect:

Reophax sp.

Discospirina sp. from the surface of box core 56804#3 (3200m Setúbal Canyon).